Biodiversity in US National Parks - Full Dataset

Hi Coders,

This is an extension of my Unit 14 Data Scientist Portfolio Project where I explored the diversity of bird of prey species.

So this one is the real world dataset.

I’m focusing on raptor species in the SW states.

I’ve come to a milestone so will put it to bed for a while! It is still a work on progress…
If anyone has any advice on ways I could use the longitude and latitude data that would be amazing.


Looks cool! For how you could latitude longitude, if you’re wanting to display the data you find on a map of the US, you could use those as coordinates, like having bubbles with the number of raptor species at a specific park’s location for example.

Thanks @gam32bit !

I think the project is nearly finished…
I’m on the ‘Data Science Analytics Path’ and just about to progress past foundations.
I will add some statistical analysis at some point

I’m thinking of exporting the data to Tableau to explore the coordinates by park and area. I debated plotly but think Tableau would be good. Need to learn it first!

It has been a challenge dealing with solely categorical data.