Biodiversity in National Parks

Hello everybody!
I’m glad to post my portfolio project for Biodiversity in National Park.

Since I enjoyed writing a story on Medium for the GDP & Life Expectancy project I decided to follow the same path also for this one.

It was easier since I knew the steps for publishing the project as a story and I tried to keep everything well sorted for that scope from the beginning.
If you are interested in converting a Jupiter Notebook into a Medium publication I suggest you to look at Jupiter-to-Medium .

Happy reading, I hope you enjoy it:

Link to repo at the end of the story


There were a lot of stuff that wasn’t covered in the course , so it took me a little bit longer to go through everything.
But once I understood what you did, I learned so many new things and stuff I didn’t knew was possible. Thank you for that!
Maybe one idea I had : I thought it would be great if you made some visualisations with and without the vascular plant category, since the difference of this category and the remaining animal categories was very high.

Hi @mrrol3ot,
thank you for your suggestion.
Maybe there is a better visualization format I could search for, to improve the overall view.
I will search the web for some additional ideas.

Great work Michele! I also really enjoyed your GDP & Life Expectancy Project :slight_smile:

I have recently started work on this project.

I don’t think there is an issue with the type of charts you have used. The data in this one is quite complex. A histogram might help with viewing the distribution. It may be that the graphs will be easier to read if the data is standardised. I read this article on Log Transformation which might apply here:

However your charts are not impossible to read, I can see the data at the lower end of the scale. I think the standardisation just might make it look a little neater… so, not essential, but nice to know! :grin:

Hi @cloudstar_carrie,
I think you are right, I applied log transformation only to some figures but other plots could benefit from the same transformation.

However, if one doesn’t want to alter the scale there is one alternative I really like:
it’s Plotly, a framework with a good Python library.
It gives the users the ability to interact with figures (zoom, pan, etc.) both in Jupyter and Medium.
I decided to use Maplotlib and Seaborn because preparing a Medium story with Plotly figures requires a bit more effort (you have to set up chart-studio, one of Plotly online platforms, and then embed links inside the story).

I have used Plotly for my final project: if the problem is just the zoom, those interactive figures remove the need for scaling.

Check it out if you have time and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Hi @michelealberti thanks for sharing. The plotly graphs look great. I haven’t used plotly before, but thats a real eye-opener! I will have to take a closer look :slight_smile: