Biodiversity in National Parks project

I completed the project this week and decided I would rather do a blog entry than a report or deck of slides. Hope this helps someone along with their projects. Happy firsr Advent or Turkey wekend!

Congrats on completing the project! :tada:
I think it’s awesome that you wrote the Medium post. You should unlist it so people can “clap” for your efforts. You put a lot of work into it. (Plus, you can add it to your portfolio or LinkedIn profile if you wanted).

I just came across your medium post when browsing the articles on the Biodiversity project. Thank you for presenting your work in such a well structured way. After having worked through the data myself, it’s really interesting to compare with my own solution – you came up with totally different insights. Your approach is really inspiring and also shows the beauty in Data Science, there are so many things to discover in a csv-document (or two)… Happy coding in Advent time.


thank you for the positive feedback :blush: ! I agree, playing with data is fun and can be quite addicitve.

You graph are very rich. Pie Charts and Box plots. I though it was overlly detailed though, as if it were written for speacilits. But it is very good! Congrats!

Hi, thanks for your feedback! I know I went a bit overboard with the graphics, but I think this is the purpose of a course. Had this been a paid job, I would have never had the time to play as much, and it would not have been cost effective to spend so much time on the project. And I discovered I really like boxplots in the process. I used them for a data analysis for work, and I was surprised that for instance my former boss was very confused by them, and could not interpret them.
Good luck with your project and happy coding! :grin:

hahahah, thats funny.

I just realized my last message had so many errors. Sorry about that.

u sound like you have been in the field for a longer time than me, how hard is it to get an entry level Data Scientist remote Job form Brasil in europe or U.S?

Hi, I am actually a process engineer based in Germany and I am on the new digitalisation team of my company. The interest in data science is increasing and the number of jobs for data scientists also, but Germany tends to be a very conservative job market. The big companies adding data scientists to their payroll prefer people who have studied it or a similar field (computer science, statistics), and some might even require a PhD. Fortunately there is an increasing number of startups and smaller companies in large cities like Berlin who are much more willing to give chances to those who did a lateral move into data science from a different field.