Biodiversity in National Parks: Project Analysis

This project took me quite a while to work on, perhaps 18 hours. I originally just dove head first into it, and then did a lot of reworking after referencing how other people had taken an approach to the project. I think that was the most informative part of the project. I especially want to thank a user by the name of aleks-andra-sasha, who I believe to do highly skilled work and has been an extremely informative reference. I hope with my next project I will not need to refer to other users for guidance, but I appreciate the help that everybody on this forum offers to me.

I think the data was very clean and easy to use and set up, which was helpful for me as a beginner level python user.

There is one particular thing I would love some tips on, I reference it explicitly in my code if anybody would like to take a look for me. I had one dataframe with three columns: Category, Conservation Status, and Count. I wanted to create a new column that said what percentage of each animal had the varying conservation status. I was able to make it work in the end, however I felt that there may have been a solution that could have been fit into one line. Like I said, it is referenced further down in the code, so if you are interested I would appreciate it if you took a look.

Thanks again!