Biodiversity in National Parks - Feedback

This project was a real challenge for me. I realized I am not as good at manipulating data in dataframes as I thought from the prior projects. I also struggled to think of a good way to explore the data. I found I spent a lot of time stuck on a particular code snippet. I did realize the value of reviewing other peoples code for getting ideas of approaching a problem, and starting to understand ways of viewing the data. My “telling a data story” needs further work and refinement.

I think I spent a good thirty hours trying to get this completed. It doesn’t look like much as I did really struggle with trying to get some things graphed. I’ll even admit that there were some ways I wanted to look at the data that I gave up on trying to organize the data. While the end result isn’t as strong as I wanted, I still feel good about the relearning and sharpening of my skills.

Here is a link to my analysis and data:

I welcome any feedback and analysis!