Biodiversity in National Parks Capstone Project

Feedback on the code and/or presentation for this Biodiversity in National Parks Capstone Project would be much appreciated!

Presentation: Biodiversity Capstone Project - Google Slides


Congrats on finishing the project! :partying_face:
How did you feel about it?

Some thoughts:

  • In the slides, remember that you’re telling a story to an audience who most likely a.) hasn’t seen your data set/isn’t familiar with it and b.) might not be technically savvy.
    So, just as you described what you’re doing in the markdown cells and comments in your Jupyter Notebook, add a little bit more detail to your slides. By that I mean perhaps add an intro slide which details the two data sets and what your intentions are, then dive into the analysis. And then have a “Recommendations” slide for your recommendations. What do you think?

  • And if your audience is interested in the mathematical calculations, you can always include an Appendix slide which goes into more detail on the Chi Square tests.

Happy coding!