Bio-diversity Project submission

Hi all,

Feel free to check out and give feedback to my submission for the Biodiversity in NP submission (as part of the Data Science path).

  • I quite enjoyed the project. It touched on the scoping, cleaning, visualising and statistical analysis side of things, so it was a really good summation of the course imo.
  • Probably put at least up to 5-6 hours, including slides.
  • Link to repo here: GitHub - TollyVellis/bio_diversity_in_national_parks
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I have read your notebook and there are lots of useful visualizations! Here are some suggestions:

  • You might add some more overall information such as numbers of species. Therefore, readers can compare the other pieces of information with it.
  • Transform numeric values in order to make it easier to interpret (the number of observations is quite high so the graph’s y label has the unit ‘1e6’ which is equal to a million) For example, present it with ‘thousands’ unit.
  • The visualization of number of species by conservation status for each category (the cropped one) is a good idea but as the number of species which are least concern outnumbered the rest. It’s a wee bit hard to read the graph. Also, the amphibian category was not properly shown.

I have learned some interesting visualization and hypothesis testing from you. Thanks! Hope there is some suggestion useful.

Enjoy coding!