Billed for wrong interval, no cancellation option

Hi, I gave Pro a try, and noticed a few immediate problems: One, I was really unhappy with the site UI and range of classes, but that’s not the point of this post. Two, I signed up for one month, but noticed from my billing email that I was charged for six. Three, when I cancelled, there was no option for a refund even though it had literally only been a day or two, and there was no indication that a refund was being issued. I emailed support, but haven’t heard back from them yet, and I’m getting concerned.

emailing support is the right thing to do, it might indeed take time before you here from them. I guess they are pretty busy.

Not much we can do here for you on the forum, this is handled by support.

I hope for you that you get a reply soon and that it gets all sorted out :slight_smile:

Hi Michael, the best way to get in touch with our support team is via their portal here. It’s a national holiday in the US this week so we may be a little slower returning messages than usual, but we typically get back to people within 48 hours.


Hi bitmaster, I am having the exact issue. Did you manage to resolve it?