Big announcement!

:wave: Hey, everyone.

We have some exciting news!

We will soon offer more tools to help future-proof your career. :hammer_and_wrench:

On February 15th, we’ll add professional certifications, career services, and assessments to Codecademy Pro. And believe it or not, this is in addition to the 300+ courses and skill paths, projects, quizzes, and support from the Community already available.

Save 20% today by locking in your price before the 15th. Questions? Click here to read more:

That is really great to hear! I’m glad that codecademy is continuously improving and help to mold future developers such as myself to keep coding, practicing and ultimately succeed and build a career.


this is awesome, thanks Codecademy,

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I’m not able to access professional certification. Any idea?

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Hi Codecademy,
I am having the same issue that @ivickysingh seems to be having. I am subscribed to pro but when I click on the link to the professional certificates I get a page that is asking me to join pro. If I click the link that says “Join Pro” I end up on a page that says “404 Oh no! Looks like you’re lost”. I am extremely excited for all of the new things going on here and just wanted to bring this up. Hopefully the issues can get resolved so that we can use these new features soon!
Thank you!

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Hi y’all!

You should be able to access career services in your dashboard if you’re already a pro-subscriber.

Let me know if that works for you!

As a new thing in my dashboard I see this:

Clicking it opens a popup:

Is there also anything new that does not require creating a new account? From the newsletter I understood that there is also “Assessments” as a new feature that is independent of “Career services”.

Clicking on the links in the newsletter still leads to the subscription page although I’m logged in with a PRO account.

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I’ve tried doing some of the practical exams for getting professional certificates, but most of then never work properly. Even if I have the right solution, it just wouldn’t work, maybe because they’re a new feature? Thanks

Hey there!

We definitely want to look into that for you. Would you mind DM’ing me screenshots of what you’re seeing? Is it triggering any error messages?

Just got an email from handshake :slight_smile: will test this service

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I wish I had known about Codecademy long ago so I would’ve spent my time wisely. But I am glad I chose this platform to start coding at 28yrs old. Hopefully, it’s not too late for me. Cheers!


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