Beyond stuck


each of these practice makes perfect exercises i have been completely lost and have no idea were to even start i almost feel like some how i skipped a chapter or two... anyone have any tips or hint or ideas on where or what i could do to fill in all the blanks

Replace this line with your code.


Start by considering how you'd do those tasks manually, study what actions you take and break it down into instructions

Whenever you're missing information, identify what that is, consider what you need to learn to continue, then go hunt for that.

Don't guess what things do, find out. Whether that's through printing or reading documentation on functions - don't use things that you can't reason about, find out first.


Okay thank you I'm going to start doing that along with taking a little break from the actually coding part and read up on some of pythons rules, functions and everything so i have a little better understanding of what I'm doing


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