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These two articles help me to understand better the exercise


Many Many Thanks but you know still hard, it is so complicated.


So true. It’s like there was a huge leap in this exercise from Arrays to Loops. Now we’re in a Brave New World.
I’ve been rolling with the things I didn’t understand until now. Now I feel like I need to sit down and examine the elements in Javascript to understand the layout.


Instructions should be rewritten. HOF are complicated but they aren’t that abstract, they are enough for any human to understand. Problem is, the instructions.


I have to agree on this. I understand that functions can be passed as parameters, that’s not the difficulty. What I struggle to understand is how this kind of callback is useful when used. I’m supposed to learn an advanced concept but I have no clue what its purpose is. If that was clarified with simple examples I think it would then just be a matter of learning the syntax properly.


I’m no way near understanding this, but found this a really helpful read.


Totally agree, the instructions are very poorly written. It would help to understand what the objective actually is


I’m completely stuck on this lesson. The explanation is hard to understand. I’m trying to find the info on other resources but with no success yet. It would be great if your examples will relate to real life applications. Even though I somehow completed the lesson I feel that I didn’t grasp the concept in order to apply it in my future projects.


Was totally confused by this lesson, I feel the instructions didn’t really explain what was going on, and by the time I got to instruction 2, it made absolutely 0 sense to me, in terms of what it as asking for.
When looking at the hint, I didn’t understand how I was supposed to figure past -

const checkConsistentOutput = (func, val) => {

Very difficult lesson to grasp.


Thank you for this, this article was a great help.

Thank you for the articles, they are definitely very helpful

I want to provide an article that helped me understand HOF better. Hopefully, it’d help you readers as well:

Understanding Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript[]

Totally agree with you, syntax and use are not that ■■■■, but at this level (absolute beginner) it’s hard to figure out when and where to use them…