Best way to use PHP

Does anyone know any good programs I can download for PHP?

Is it better to buy them or download them free online?

What software/programs do people recommend?


PHP can even be written in notepad :smile: By good programs do you mean intepreters or stuff that can run your php code?

  • To run your PHP code you can download XAMPP or WAMPP .

  • To write PHP code I recommend Visual Studio Code or Brackets Text Editor.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into these.

It’s good to ask so I don’t download some walmare out there when I am such a beginner with coding. :slight_smile:

Gotta try out notepad. Can I also use the other programs mentioned as SQL?

I’m trying to make a program for database management. That would be cool.


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Xampp also includes a database (mysql) then you can sql (structured query language) or PHP to execute query’s on database

Xampp is easy to start with

You can write PHP code in any text-editor or IDE.

what is important to understand is that PHP is a server side language

what does this mean? Normally when you visit a website, you are a client. Your browser makes a request to the server (for example facebook, which runs PHP), PHP processes the request, fetches all the information from databases, makes it into html, and send the html file back to your browser (browsers only html and css)

so what is XAMPP? XAMPP allows you to run a server on your computer. So all the steps described above happen on your computer

A server simply means: a computer configured in such a way, that it can understand request webbrowsers make

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Hey stetim,

Thanks for the input.

Yes I will give Xampp a try.

I do not generally need to do programming for the web as much as I want to just make an program for internal use of a company database.

Trying to make an easier way to search code in company database.

Why go for PHP then? PHP is used almost exclusively for web back-end

Then you can use PHP to make internal webserver to achieve this. Maybe look what languages are already used within the company?

Yeah. I think you’re right.

I should look at company language but I’m such a noobie I don’t know where to start. This is a 3rd party program so I have to call the guys who made it originally.

I’ll give it a shot though. Thanks.

I was thinking PHP is not it after I saw SQL on here. Gotta start somewhere though, right? :slight_smile:

try if you can figure out what language(s) is/are used.

You can still learn PHP, learning a second language is easier, and many program language have similair features (booleans, function, objects and so on), just slightly different syntax

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