Best way to stay consistent

What is the best way to stay consistent and learn python? Also, how do you take notes. As a beginner, I am finding it very difficult to feel confident about what I am learning. Would like to know how everyone studies.

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Hi @aranzahdz1579446849 - welcome to the forums!

I personally don’t tend to take notes about the things I’ve learnt programming, in part because of the way I learn.

I started with Python because I needed something quick, simple and capable of building scripts to automate things in my day job. As a result, most of what I’ve learnt in Python has been a case of wondering “how do I do X in Python”, finding the info, and then putting it into use somehow.

In general, my process is finding something I want to do - whether that’s a hobby project, something at work, or a topic which has piqued my interest - and then I learn the necessary code to be able to do it. :slight_smile:

Maybe the same could work for you? Think of a small project you could build, then build it! You’ll likely need to look stuff up along the way, but so does everyone else and at the end of it you’ll have something you’ve made. :slight_smile:

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Personally I stopped taking notes quite early on. I make sure to download Codecademy’s summary notes and check over them regularly. I also make sure to do the practise exercises every few days to keep reinforcing what I’ve learned. Other than that, I just trust that a commitment to do a little bit every day will eventually mean that the information starts to sink in and become second nature.