Best resource to learn Google Cloud?

Hi. I’d like to learn my way around Google Cloud. Ideally, I’d like to take something like a comprehensive Codecademy course that will teach me the ins and outs of Google Cloud.

I know Codecademy has a video-based series; that’s not helpful to me. I am looking to read, not watch videos.

I’ve had a surprisingly difficult time finding a straightforward tutorial out there. Any suggestions?

Did you check Google?

I also think Coursera has some free(?) courses

Thanks. I did check on Google, and I found what you posted. So far, it’s been a lot less straightforward than you’d think. Also, similarly to Codecademy, it’s video-based; that’s not really helpful to me. I’m hoping for something more like what Codecademy offers for the programming language courses, where I can go through a series of lessons.