Best language in Code Academy for pursuing AI

Hi everyone. My name is Ahmad . I am new on Code Academy. I really wanted to know which is the best language to learn for making AIs (Artificial Intelligence). I have started learning Python and have reached 19%. Thanks in advance for your time. I will be waiting for your reply

Python is a very good choice, its widely used in machine learning.


is there any other language better than that? I don’t mean python is not a good language. I think it is too easy.

And machine learning is very difficult, so also including a difficult language would mean building an AI takes ages. Yes, there are alternatives:

But it seems matlab, R and python are used the most. Its difficult to get an accurate estimation of the numbers, of how the division across the languages are

also, python is certainly rising in popularity, and its already a popular choice. So its certainly a very viable choice

there isn’t a definitive answer , depending what article you check:

go google, you will see that python is mentioned, but also other languages, its really difficult to get a good picture of the matter