Best language for a machine learning phone app?

I want to create a phone app that will use machine learning for text recognition. What does everyone think is the best language/phone for it?

There is an alternative to have the machine learning side of things hosted and then access it via a web API. That way it won’t matter what phone you have.

How expensive is it to have it hosted like that? Also, how well would C++ work instead on Android?

PS: Thanks for the fast responses!

How long is a piece of string. If you do it on the cloud it can be very cheap, although there may be side effects, such as the app being spun down when not used for a period of time and the first time it is hit taking 30 seconds to warm up and reply to the request.

Microsoft and Google’s cloud services have a free tier, not sure about Amazon.

I think that makes the cloud the way to go. I was very worried about processing speed. Thanks again.

Worth looking into more, it might not suit what you want in the end but could for a future project.

The free tier on most cloud providers is intended for either development or testing; you’d be hard pressed to run any kind of production service on them.

As I said, not sure of his purpose or if it would be suitable for what he wants to do, so to look into it. For learning it will be fine or something personal and a few friends it would be fine. Biggest annoyance is likely to be the warm up time but there are work arounds.

Production is a broad term and gives no true indication of usage or load. Some test services are larger than many people’s production services.