Best gateway language for C#?

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to serious coding as I’ve only dabbled in the past. I’m currently looking to improve all my coding skills with the eventual aim of learning a variety of programming languages. I’ve been working my way through the Python course here on Code Academy and was wondering if there was any programming language that helps prepare one for learning C#, or at least a language that is similar to C# but easier in difficulty.

All help appreciated!

C# is a perfectly suitable first language, I wouldn’t argue that there’s any preparation to do. You get what you see and the compiler disallows a whole lot of things that are wrong

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As every other language, there are introduction courses to C# where you start with the basis like variable types, classes, function and so on. You don’t need any other preparation besides motivation and discipline.

However, if you know some stuff about Java, you will find C# pretty similar. But again, you don’t need any programming language to learn a new one. :wink: