Best Game Ive Made Yet![IMPROVED SPACE INVADERS!](Go Full Screen For improvments in Results)! Phaser.Js

Hey guys! :smile: The game i was talking about was space invaders, took me a lot of coding (700lines of code, multiple stack overflow questions), but i finally got the game!, This is the best game ive made yet As always guys leave me suggestions for in my future gaming exercices.





Also if you can give me ideas on games to make that would be wonderfull :grey_exclamation::exclamation:

Great games! Both of them! Really nice job, even if it’s impossible to win, though :yum:

Havent made a state where you win, wow… Shame me :disappointed:

Whaaaaaaat? No… It only would be funnier if we could win the game on some point, or go to a higher level. It’s just some ideas to improvements.

Yea thankyou! Any other suggestions would be appreciated

Awesome! How did you make them(I know you did with phaser).