Best Color Settings For Monitor ( Getting too much eye strains )

Hello Everyone.

Recently, I Purchased the Asus VG248QE monitor for Gaming. But now, I am getting some eye strain while programming

I need to focus a lot and hence I get irritation and headache too quickly. Please suggest some good color settings and profiles that I can install on it to solve this issue.



Headache and Eyes Irritation is very common in these days. If you are getting too much eye strains, then I recommended you to consult a doctor first.

Also, Get a blue light filter glasses for yourself and wear them while doing your work.

Asus VG248QE monitor comes with Pre Calibrated for eyes. But I found some references for you. Hope it might help.


To add to the above ^

Most operating systems have a blue light filter or “Night Mode” setting built into them. It may be worth your while to do a quick Google search and see if your OS has it available.

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