Best career path/skill path for software engineering

Hi. Just wondering, what’s the best career path/skill path to pick on codecademy if I want to pursue a career in software engineering? I’ve come across a few apprenticeships for development that ask for you to have completed the web dev course on codecademy but I’m just curious as to what course might boost my chances in software engineering.

“software engineering” is working writing code. That’s very broad. Do you have a specific career goal in mind? Writing mobile apps for Android or iOS? Developing web pages? Cloud computing? Maybe you are interested in data science? Deciding what you are interested in would help you make your choice

I guess if I were to narrow it down to two, it would be either application development or cloud computing. I know they’re very different, but I still need to do more research into what each job involves. I’ve always had an interest in both.

In my opinion you can not miss if you do the Computer Science career path on Pro, it will give you a good understanding of some basic concepts. Based on which way you would like to go you need to look through the available skill paths and see what works for you. This career path was for me the best start.

And if you are not sure which language to pick, this is the advice one of our developers gave me. Pick the one that will allow you to learn new concepts in the fastest way possible, for it was Python. Now once I need to learn new programming languages, it is easier for me to apply concepts in another syntax.

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Thank you very much! I’ll definitely be doing that :slight_smile: