Best career path for QA/test engineer?

Hey there, I’m a manual tester who wants to grow my skill set. I know basic SQL, should I go for more advanced SQL? As for automation, should I go for Java or Python? API testing? Front end web development?

Hey there @sanskarwagley7874602, welcome! Reading through this post: Career option: QA Engineer written by @peachesmotorsports may help you discover what you’ll need to learn next! :slight_smile:

It depends on what you mean by advanced SQL. In 12 years of working as QA, I’ve written a handful of very simple stored procedures. Something that is definitely useful is knowing how to write joins (all kinds), backup the db, backup a table, and restore them. Don’t rely on software to do it for you, learn how to use the command line\terminal because when you start working with Docker\AWS, it’s all there (security policies usually don’t let you connect tools).

Learn about Selenium, this book was very useful to me. What language should you pick? That will always be THE question. Pick whatever you have experience with, that will make it easier. Don’t try to learn a new language just yet because someone told you so. Always use the knowledge you already have.

I’ve said this in other posts, I say it again because I’m living it right now. The language should be irrelevant, all the knowledge is language agnostic. As a QA Engineer, you need to be adaptable.

I changed jobs 2 weeks ago, my previous job required me to use Protractor. I used JS because I was familiar with it and it helped me set up the framework faster. At my current job, the application is using a completely different stack so now I’m learning about SpecFlow and C# whie I recall my Cucumber knowledge. Two different frameworks, 2 different languages, same goal: automate the frontend and the API. You need to get to the point where you recognize that a specific tool is more efficient and if you need to learn a new language to use it? So be it.

So, automating APIs? Absolutely. Automating front ends? Of course! You need to be able to do it all if you want to stand out in today’s competitive market. Every tool out there has pros and cons, start with what feels comfortable. Subscribe to this podcast, it’s a good resource.

I’ve brought up the option for more QA resources in the forum, I’m currently busy with a new job but still up for helping with that.

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