Beneficial Courses For Social Media Platform?

:slight_smile: hello, I am still fairly new at coding & am taking the full-stack course through codecademy. I figured that would be a good place to start and it’s been very easy, so far. My main goal is to start my personal project of creating a social media platform, without getting into much detail, what are the best courses to take through codecademy to accomplish this?
Any advice is appreciated! Thank you.
(I hope I posted this in the correct place.)

Hi! I’m here to gather information for my brother. Please share your thoughts with me. My brother has a strong affinity for online social media platforms and online E-commerce Stores, and I’m seeking information about them.

anyone provide me any details?

I think, if you want to create apps(not web apps) then Full-stacked might not be the BEST option. But still, if you want to use it, you can use frameworks like electron (with react for a better experience) to make the app “feel native.” Else, you can choose “Computer Science,” a career path which is a good dive in Python. Or you can just learn from different skill paths.