Being right is Wrong... Anyone else having trouble with the editor?


Hey everyone!

first of all I'd like to say I really like Codeacademy!

due to already existing knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS I started Codeacademy following the AngularJS course.

Only off the bat I had trouble with the AngularJS course. It keeps telling me the syntax is wrong even though it's not, at first I studied my code for minutes and just retyped the entire code. After this happend more often I just ran the code several times until it agreed with me, strangely this had to be done 3 to 4 times.

It keeps asking me randomly if I'm still there while I'm typing or just thinking.

Sometimes the question refers to a line that doesn't exist.

In the creating App course the CSS was wrong which lead to the price button being in the top right corner in front of the "like" button.

Now I'm at the Services part, I actually copied the syntax it told me to write, but even this was wrong... So I took the option of letting it write the code for me. But now it has written all of the questions for me. When asking it to delete it all I was back at square one and it told me my code was wrong.

Does any of you have the same problems? has there been an update lately and are these small bugs that came out of it?
and is there a way to solve this?


Yeah, I’m having a lot of trouble with the AngularJS services section. All the exercises came pre-completed, but wrong. Everything it tells me to do is already done in the editor, yet somehow I’m not getting anything beyond the html


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