Being Fluent

I know to code in JS, Python and do help my mates and complete projects from codecademy and other. But when I solve questions on HackerRank or Leetcode I don’t know why but the questions I solve, is always wrong.

What to do in such case, how to practice enough to start solving such questions.

The ultimate and never wrong answer to solve more questions is to do more, step by step from easy. You can start by solving Easy problems in LeetCode. If you find your code to be incorrect, it’s okay to check the editorial if you learn from it. I also suggest checking others’ approach to the same question you solved (if there exists any). You may learn a lot from it. I’m not experienced enough to give a better answer for you, but good luck afterall.

Might start from here instead of LeetCode?

Useful Algorithms Collection used in most problems:

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