Being considered wrong simply because semicolons are neglected

I am working on the Modules Lesson.
While in previous lessons, I can smoothly pass all exercises with some small discrepancies from the solution (e.g. spacing and semicolons).
Nonetheless, in the Modules Lesson, there were a couple of times where I was considered not fufilling the exercise requirement simply because a semi-colon is neglected, or a mismatch of empty spaces with the solution while the code runs without errors and the console logs correctly.
That is just very confusing and frustrating and really bother me to the point I prefer pasting the model solution to the workplace to typing the solution on my own, which is not good for learning.
Please fix that. Thanks.

I think some amount of javascript users have strong feelings that semicolons should be used (though they can, if intelligently approached, be omitted technically). This is also not set in stone, and tastes can and do vary.

When in doubt, I would personally try going to go against the grain stylistically (in code formatting, not in life or art). This is mainly because I want to be able to have formatting be a nonissue when it comes to working in teams.

Python for example, allows for semicolons but no true python user uses them since it is accepted in the community that there should be as close to one formatting style as possible.

It’s less clear cut in js which is the bigger camp, I just get the sense that the pro-semi crowd is more vocal maybe?
Those are just my 2 cents though!

An argument for semicolons:

What you say is interesting because the system should be consistent in its requirement of them as well! Mentioning otherwise should it require something specific.