Beginning 30 day challenge

Have you ever been in a situation, where multiple doors continued to close no matter which way you turned and the only door that was open was a path towards a career that you weren’t particularly proud of? With my experience I began to notice that not only a plethora of doors continued to close, but they closed extremely fast and finding a way out was no longer an option. Although, giving up is not an option either, so digging deep down and going through the motions of finding my place was just something that I had to do for me to gain the confidence that I needed to pursue my dream.

My point is this, I have began the journey of the 30 day challenge and although I’m known for not finishing anything, this is something that I would like to become proficient and exceed all boundaries. I have a great passion for developing websites and making it either my own or someones else’s. I believe that it is important to love what you do at all times because if you don’t, then what’s the point anyway right?

So, this is me getting started on the 30 day challenge, I hope that those of you that see this give me you’er feedback on where you’ve been to get to this point because everyones journey is different and it deserves to heard.


Hi @cmoe94, welcome to the forums!

Good on you for staring a 30-day coding challenge! :tada:

If you get stuck on something check the forums for a solution or post your query here. :slight_smile: