Beginner with Codacademy - how to save progress of course

Dear All,
Just started with Codacademy.

Am doing the HTML course. Yesterday, I started and did about 10 pages. When I logged in today, the course started back at the beginning.

Would anyone take pity on a naive beginner, and tell me how I could save my progress, so I could start from where I left off, please?

So this shouldn’t be the case - everything should save regardless :slight_smile:

Sounds like it might be a technical issue, in which case it’d be worth contacting customer support. Alternatively (particularly if using social logins like GitHub/Google etc) are you definitely sure you’re on the same account? If clicking the “Login with Google etc” button when logging it it can have the unintended effect of creating a second account if you’ve not previously setup social logins.