Beginner With A Basic Question

This is actually just a basic question that I am embarrassed to ask. I have just started the Javascript course, and while I am mid-lesson two I realized that I actually am quite confused. So for example with console.log() I would consider console the object. And then the .log() I would consider a method. But here is where I get confused. So if I have console.log(‘Codecademy’.toUpperCase()), does that mean I am using a method inside of another method? So I am using the console.log method to display into the console, but then I am using the .toUpperCase method to change the string to all uppercase? Also if anyone has any handy resources that would be much appreciated. So sorry to ask such a basic question. I might not even be asking a valid question at all.

Yes, that is a method inside a method.


happens first
and then
console.log( of that stuff )