Beginner questions

I was doing introduction to SQL lession.
(1) is there a way to copy and paste in the editor?
(2) if there are any syntax errors, it doesn’t show which lines have errors. Is this expected behaviour?
(3) when I was dong the project, I wanted to go back and look at the syntax of some of the clauses. is there a way to quickly go the reference manual ?


  1. You can use the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste. There is also a clipboard button at the bottom of the code editor if you wish to copy your entire code.
    Copying: Ctrl + C for Windows and Cmd + C for Mac
    Pasting: Ctrl + V for Windows and Cmd + V for Mac

  2. Codecademy’s code editor doesn’t show if there are syntax errors for each line. However, you will be able to see an error message in the console once you run your code.

  3. You can find the Learn SQL cheatsheet here.