Beginner Problems with SQL


Hello. I’m a newbie at codecademy and am facing some issues in Table Transformation . I don’t get how outer query is linked with inner subquery. Can someone explain transforming tables to me, please?


Please assist us by including a link to the lessn you are having difficulty with.


Thank you for your concern mtf. It is particularly this one and the ones ahead. The code gets difficult all of a sudden and I was unable to grasp how things relate to each other at this point.


this one isn’t a link to the exercise? Please include link/url to exercise, so we can easily access the lesson, study the information and instructions to help you further


here is the url


I think this will solve your problem.

Select name,mobile from (Select name,city,mobile,address,pin_code from table2);

Another Example

Select name,city,mobile,address,pin_code from table2 where city in (select city from table3);

There are many example to this for more .Learn PLSQL


I don’t how this helps. :s


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