Beginner - How to run JS code on my PC?


Hello y’all.
I am a beginner and I am taking the JS course.
When I make exercises it requires you to run your code and press RUN on Codecademy’s interface.
I would like to re-do some exercises outiside Codecademy’s interface, on my own PC (Windows 7).
How to RUN the code in that case?
For example, how to run console.log(‘Hello World!’);

Thank you in advace.


You’ll need a text editor such as Notepad++ to compose your code and save it on your machine with a .js extension. The files are not clickable and need a browser to run in.

If you have Chrome, type about:blank in the location bar of a new tab and Enter. Bookmark it for quick access. That will give you a blank window. Ctrl+Shift+J will open the JavaScript console.

Google Chrome Inspector to find information about the console and how to use it. If you know how to write HTML, then your code can be loaded into the browser and will be in memory for the duration of your session. More I cannot say until you have done some research on your own.