Beginer in coding, please guide with below mentioned thing

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This is my first day in coding. Please help me understand in detail about mouse response threshold, friction and rotationforce. This things are in very first beginner session of code academy.

Okay, which course is this? Please post a link when starting a new topic. Thanks.

Thank you for reverting.
Link is . Please help with it. @mtf

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So it is lesson 6 in this track? I’ll have to do it from the beginning and catch up to where you are. Will return, presently.

The first step deals with mouseResponseThreshold, which is the distance from the text the pointer must be, at maximum, before having an effect. The smaller the number you set it to, the closer the pointer has to be before any effect is noticed.

The second step deals with friction which is the level of free movement, or absence of drag. The lower the value we set, the slower and less pronounced the effect will be. A setting of 1 will be no friction, where zero will be infinite friction (no reaction perceptible).

The third step deals with rotationForce which deals with the amount of centripetal force acting on the dots in the threshold zone. The higher the force, the greater the likelihood the dot will be flung out into space. Values below 0.1 are less likely to fling the dots off the screen.

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