Hello, i am new to coding and i would like to know if its worth coding, does in life you can get success from coding? i also would like to know which programming type i should start with
Thank you

Q: Is it worth coding?
A: Yes if you like to create/make things on the computer

Q: Get success from coding?
A: Depends what you mean with success… You can make a website or app for yourself which can be an achievement. Or maybe find a job in programming or just do it as a hobby.

Doesn’t really matter what you want to do with programming, as long as you are happy it’s a success :stuck_out_tongue:

Q: Which programming language to start?
A: If you are completely new to computer syntaxes I would recommend HTML and CSS.

I dont like programming websites, in my opinion there is alot of websites today and its worthless

Then go try some other language like Python or Javascript… You can make programs with that. like games and stuff.

Or Java which is used a lot for Android apps