Before and After


I dont get what you have to do


In the script.js you will have to add a line of jQuery code
which will result in creating a HTML-line

<p>Any text you like</p>

and this HTML-line would have to be inserted after the < div>
which has the id-attribute one
which is a jQuery-Selector #one

Put the following into your script.js


//$('#one').after('<p>Any text you like after\'ed</p>');
//$('#one').before("<p>Any text you like before'd</p>");
//$('#one').append('<p>Any text you like append-ed</p>');
//$('#one').prepend('<p>Any text you like prepend-ed</p>');
//$('<p>').text("Any text you like appendTo").appendTo('#two');
//$('<p>').text("Any text you like prependTo").prependTo('#two');


and remove the //-comment from the line which is suited best for this exercise...



google search
id selector

creating html element


Thnx dude. it helped me