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Oops, try again. It looks like your code did not print "Adam".

To print out all the elements in the list (names)

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for item in names:
    print names


names is the whole list, thanks to your for loop item contains each item from the list, so by printing item, you print each item of the list


ive been having troubles with ths one too i dont quite get the error


please post your code, error message and question. Otherwise, its difficult for us to help you


the hint says "Look at the sample code in the instructions if you need help!"

sample code =
a = ["List of some sort”]
for x in a:
# Do something for every x

idk why it says it didn't print adam because in the output it shows adam in the list.


this is the output of your code:

['Adam', 'Alex', 'Mariah', 'Martine', 'Columbus']
['Adam', 'Alex', 'Mariah', 'Martine', 'Columbus']
['Adam', 'Alex', 'Mariah', 'Martine', 'Columbus']
['Adam', 'Alex', 'Mariah', 'Martine', 'Columbus']
['Adam', 'Alex', 'Mariah', 'Martine', 'Columbus']

but it should print each name of the list:


the loop iterator contains each name/element from the list in order/sequence


Thanks for your help finally figured out what I was doing wrong.