Befor we begin


Hey guys, I'm stuck at this exercise. Keep getting the error message" it looks like your code did not print "Adam". but in the results window it did. I know sometimes I have to refresh or reload my browser, and I did, but it does not seem to solve the problem. What am I missing?

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for item in names:
        print item


does it want you to only print Adam? If so, you would need to just write

print names[0]

since Adam is at the 0th index.
This is also means no for loop.
But this depends on what the instructions are asking, which you should include in your post.


The instructions wanted me to print the whole list, but no worries, I finally gave up and when I submitted the exact code about two hours later it took the code and printed the list so I could move on to the next exercise.
But thank you anyway :slight_smile:


Someone should really fix this. The exact same thing is happening to me over and over and I do not have 2 hours to wait around for it to correct itself.


PLEASE FIX. My coding is accurate. All names were returned, yet I always get a message saying it did not print one of the names, Adam, which is not true.


I am also having the same issue:

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for item in names:
print names

This prints out the entire list but it is giving back the error: "It looks like your code did not print "Adam"


names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for item in names:
print names

should be print item