BeFOR we begin bugged?


It's telling me that my code did not print out 'Adam' even though it clearly did, is it bugged or am I doing something wrong?


Hi try to remove the s to name here

print names

then you don't need of the [] around names here

for name in [names]:


Hey @tylerd97,
THe excercise isn't rigged, it's just how you wrote your code. I see why you did that code but the list does not need brackets around it when being mentioned, so lose the brackets around names, and the "for" function takes every string in the list and does something to it. You were suppose to print "name" and not "names" as it is not the key for your function. If you fix both of those, you should be fine. So you can double check here is the right code:

for name in names:
    print name


any ideas?


Hi you shouldn't indent the for loop put it like that

for name in names:
    print name


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