BeFOR We Begin 1


Okay so I am having trouble with this exercise. I am not really good at coding and i dont catch on quickly so this might be a simple mistake I didn't realize. Anyways I dont have any idea whats wrong with my code. I don't know what I should put into the [] int he for loop. Heres the code.

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]

for names in [names]:
    print names


Try removing the [ ] around names in your loop :grinning:


Ok tysm for your feedback!!!!


You are very close! in the for loop you don't need the brackets, you can just call the variable which is names. To avoid confusion I wouldn't use for names in names I would use something like for items in names or for person in names, but if you really want you can stick with names in names.


tysm I appreciate the feedback!


Happy to help :relieved:


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