Becoming an UX designer!

Hello !
I’m interested in ux design. What Codecademy courses should I take to learn effectively in this area and to fill my portfolio?

Thank you

Hello rupuxu!

From my understanding, UX is more about design(adobe illustrator) or ‘how would look like’ instead of programming, i’m right?

Welcome to the forums!

Do you have any experience with coding? HTML, CSS or JS?

If you do a specific search in the CC catalog, you’ll find about 4 pages of relevant courses, including navigation, software design principles, color principles, responsiveness, etc,:

Also, good news! There’s an Intro to UI & UX course coming to CC this Spring. Scroll down in the “Content Coming Soon” column:

If you check out CC’s YouTube channel, there’s some discussion of UI/UX over there:

Finally, search the forums here. There might be some good advice in other threads (from current UX persons).

Happy coding!


Hello I thought it was a bout design but using code, so similar to a webdevelopper work but with the idea of user experience in mind!

Thank you for all of the helpful links! I know the basics of these three languages but I’d like to learn from the start again! Actually my final goal is to have something to show to get an internship in UX design!
Ok so there’s no path that groups together all the needed UX design courses yet! I wish there were because I don’t know where to start with the single courses about design…As I already have some basics maybe I can start with some projects of the catalog?

Yes I will take a tour of the forums in this case, although I am a little lost for the moment!

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