Become a Pokemon Master Challenge Project (Python)

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I utterly lost track of time to this last night. I have forced myself to stop the project here (for now) so that I can continue my courses here.

Some fun things I’ve implemented:
You can do trainer battles or fight and catch wild pokemon.
You can spend gold won from trainers at a PokeShop (buy 1, 10, or max affordable)
In battle, you can see each Trainer’s pokeballs (active vs. fainted)

Some things I would still like to do:
Add a leveling/evolution system that scales appropriately.
Implement Bill’s storage PC.
Towns and gyms.

All feedback welcome!
One question I had while making this project relates to the functions that handle wild battles and trainer battles. Both events are handles very similarly, except for a few distinctions throughout each function body. I’ll admit I started writing the second function by copying the first, which was my first indicator there may be a better way. In the spirit of having a single function handle both scenarios, I explored a contextual flag (“in wild” vs. “in trainer battle”) or using decorators. The latter does not seem to be suited to merging functions that are incongruously similar, and the former felt cluttered.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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