(BeautifulSoup) .select vs find_all

Could anyone tells me what is the difference between using .select() and .find_all when doing Web Scraping? And what are the pros and cons. of each one.
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If you think of the structure of an HTML document, which is like a tree (from top to bottom)…you have parent tags, children, siblings, descendants. :evergreen_tree:

.find_all method will find all instances of whatever you’re searching for. You can pass filters through that method as well (strings, regular expressions, lists for example).

Ex: soup.find_all("p", "title")

Will find all instances of p tags in title
See the documentation: https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/bs4/doc/#find-all

You can the .select() method to locate all elements of a particular CSS class. You can find elements by attr, ID, etc.

soup.select('a[href]') which will find all <href> from a specified class.


It’s basically a way to be more specific for whatever it is you’re looking for in your search of the html document. It can be a little confusing but I think the documentation really helps.