hi :slight_smile: I want to code a battleship game with user graphical interface, iam new to coding and it not clear for me if I have to use tkinter or pygame, any tips ll be appreciated and thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:
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Go with pygame, a reasonable approach would be to have a grid where you draw sprites on each square to match the state, for example you might have a sprite for water, one for water that has been shot at but is empty, one for water that has been hit (but the ship is still unknown), a couple sprites for parts of ships in their intact/hit states

Oh and keep the gui stuff separate from the game logic. The gui should be calling functions/methods when input happens, and request game state which it then uses to figure out what to draw.


This is going to end up being more work than you think.
It’s important to draw out the logic of the game.
As @ionatan said forget the gui for now and build the logic . Do it in small modular bits. Do something small like a display_board() function then test it extensively.
The game of battleship itself can be broken down into a few short loops. The logic behind those methods can get tricky.
Things you really need to test a lot, ship placement, cpu torpedo logic.

This isn’t to discourage you, battleship is an excellent project.
Just remember
1.) Have a plan (written/drawn)
2.) outline your code
3.) code small bits
4.)evaluate and test that small bit extensively
5.) Combine your small bits


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