Battleship - buggy user input

i think there might be an issue with the code academy solution to the current battle hip puzzle. when running it doesnt seem to permit you to input the guess column? an example with the current solution is that if the vector is 3,3 …i.e the list element for row vs column is 3 , 3 …it tells you that you have sunk the battle ship if you put 3 in only the row…and it prints that in the "Guess column " raw input line as well. it doesnt give you the chance to guess the column.

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I keep getting the same problem.
Somehow when you add the if-statement the code skips over the guess_col inquiry and automatically puts the guess_row input in the guess_col too

further testing shows that this line of code allows you to put in coordinates:
guess_row, guess_col = [int(x) for x in raw_input("Enter two numbers here: ").split()]

Furthermore it shows that when using this, the second turn automatically uses the same coordinates as the first turn.
The 3rd turn instead asks for new coordinates.