Battleship-Bad Aim,I get correct result but can't pass through


I get correct result but can't pass through,there is always a message:
"Oops, try again. Make sure you print "Oops, that's not even in the ocean." if the user guesses a row or column that is off the board. "

here is my code,anyone who can tell me what's wrong?

from random import randint

board = []

for x in range(0, 5):
    board.append(["O"] * 5)

def print_board(board):
    for row in board:
        print " ".join(row)


def random_row(board):
    return randint(0, len(board) - 1)

def random_col(board):
    return randint(0, len(board[0]) - 1)

ship_row = random_row(board)
ship_col = random_col(board)
guess_row = int(raw_input("Guess Row: "))
guess_col = int(raw_input("Guess Col: "))

print ship_row
print ship_col

# Write your code below!
if guess_row == ship_row and guess_col==ship_col :
    print "Congratulations! You sank my battleship!"
elif guess_row not in range(5) or guess_col not in range(5):
    print "Oops,that's not even in the ocean."
    print "You missed my battleship!"


a space is missing after the comma, the string printed should be an exact match


Thank you very much! I tried to add a space after the comma,but it still wrong.


then copy paste the string from instructions, you see how small mistake it takes to trigger an error


Thank you! I pass it just now! :blush:you're right! something wrong with the string.