BATTLESHIP! 17: A Real Win


Please help with this error -


currently, only prompting the user for input and printing the turn they are at, but each prompt should be handled by your code from line 30 and onward, so that should also be in the loop


You mean, i need to correct the indentation from line 30 ? so that it would be inside For loop ?


everything from the loop till end of file, there are even comments in the script added by the exercise to tell you this:

# Everything from here on should go in your for loop!
# Be sure to indent four spaces!

we want to guess if the user multiply guesses (this is achieved by using loop), each iteration of the loop we should prompt the user, and the users input need to be handled (guess if ship is hit, or handle miss) so all that code should be in the for loop


thank you, it worked …
break worked :slight_smile: