Basta Fazoolin Possible Bug?

Link below:

In the Basta Fazoolin project of the Classes lesson for Python. I’m stuck at task 10 where it askes me to test out .calculate bill.
I followed the video walkthrough but I keep getting the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 40, in
print(brunch.calculate_bill([‘pancakes’,‘home fries’]))
File “”, line 13, in calculate_bill
for purchased_item in purchased_items:
NameError: name ‘purchased_items’ is not defined

I’m really stuck here and I’ve never been previously stuck like this during previous lessons. It’s been really hard for me to understand the concept of classes :frowning:

Please help

Can you copy/paste your code here?

Posting directly will mess up indentation and characters, and will make it difficult to identify possible mistakes.

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Unfortunately the code formatting thing is too complicated for me right now. But I can tell you why I suspect a bug.

when inputting the Function to calculate the bill:
def calculate_bill(self, puchased_items):
bill = 0
for purchased_item in purchased_items:
if purchased_item in Self.items:
bill += self.items[purchased_item]
return bill
Did the above as instructed by the walkthrough. It does not produce any errors when I click save.
The moment I input the code to call the function:
brunch.calculate_bill([‘pancakes’,‘home fries’])
That error occurs stating that purchased_items is not defined.

Solved It!
turns out there were some spelling mistakes in the codes lol.
Now I gotta figure out how to delete this post.