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So the question I have that I’m frankly too lazy to even google research is :: how is the code coded? No I am not asking a silly fundamentals question like “Why does 2+2=4”, rather I am asking if the initial basics from Codecademy were programmed by the codecadmey developers to be possible. So when it had me insert the value for friction, how did JavaScript already know what “friction” meant or was Codecademy hiding part of the detail of how JavaScript knows what “friction” means? Hope this makes sense. I wrote it at 4:20 in the morning with a night of no sleep. Heh…

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There are two things here:


javascript was build in 1995 or so (you will have to google that if you want to know the exact year), so the javascript language exist outside of codecademy, the only thing codecademy does is having a website where you can practice Javascript.

please clarify this bit with the code. If i had to hazard a guess i would say assigning value(s) to variable(s) is part of Javascript programming language.

I think they are referring to the Codecademy intro course, which has you playing around with JS.


@carson1909 : When you’re changing the values of the friction variable, or calling the drawName() or bounceBubbles() functions, the code you’re using is contained in the bubbles.js file.

If you click the file folder in the top-left of the code editor panel, you’ll see the folder structure for that exercise which includes the bubbles.js file. You can have a look at the JavaScript code there, but if this is the first time you’ve encountered JavaScript then it might not immediately make a lot of sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Yes, what I was asking (since I have learned more since posting the thread) is how the variables were defined for the moving bubbles when a user scrolled their curser over the message. Originally 5 years ago I couldn’t figure that out, and so it was kind of a discouragement to continue because I figured “What fun is this hobby going to be if the real work is done by someone else behind the scenes.” Keep in mind that I was 13 then.