Basic Git workflow - Git Commit question

The problem I have is with the following exercise:

Make your first commit! From the terminal, type the command along with a commit message. The message should describe the point of the commit.

Note: If you enter the command incorrectly, you may enter a command line text editor known as nano. If this happens, enter Ctrl + X to exit nano.

Now i don’t really understand what they mean with “The message should describe the point of the commit”.
So I’m guessing I need to describe the exact position this command needs to be used, but I really have nu clue what exactly they are asking of me here.

Now I’m not native english speaking so maybe I’m missing something but I need a bit more context here.
I tried putting in the following but like I said, I’m not sure what they are asking here.
git commit -m "Complete first line of dialogue."

<Below this line, add a link to the EXACT exercise that you are asking about.>

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