I wonder why there is a error “No such file or directory” in terminal after I build a file on nano.

Hi konojames5808740993,
Can you please post the code that you are trying to run, and also in which lesson the error occurs (if applicable)?
Thank you,

This is on nano:

First script

                                                                                                                                                                                                        echo "Hello World!"  

file name is “hello_world”, when I type “chmod 755 hello_world” onterminal, error occurred, I don’t know why.

Your error message describes a problem

So either you specified the wrong location or never created such a file. Also keep in mind that files don’t exist in a single global directory so if you created a file in one directory and then look for it somewhere else, you won’t find it.

How can I find the file?

Usually when you create a file you know where you’re putting it. I expect you’ve used directories before, hard to avoid them. Nothing new here.