Bash Scripting: Build a Build Script

In task four of this project I do not understand why there isn’t a ‘$’ used to access ‘splitfirstline’. Is there a particular reason for this?

read -a splitfirstline <<< $firstline

Also it is never discussed in the course what a “markdown” is, or what the >>> operator does.

The <<< is used with text strings. It can send a string to a command.

command <<< string

In this case the string stored at $firstline is being sent to the command read -a splitfirstline, which reads the string into an array. splitfirstline is the name of an array that is being created. It’s an argument for -a so it’s not a variable in this case and doesn’t require a $.

Markdown is a file format that the file uses. Markdown files have a file extension .md and are in plain text, that can be edited by any text editor. Markdown has its own formatting like **bold text** for bold.

I think the lesson could include info on both these topics. :smiley:


Thanks! That was very well explained!